Nomad Pliers

Uncompromising, purpose built, designed and tested by Damon Olsen, these are the ultimate split ring pliers that have been tested over years of abuse in the toughest area on earth – the guiding team on Nomad Sportfishing. There is nowhere on earth where split ring pliers are used as much day in and day out as by the guiding team at Nomad on our remote area charter operation. They do not break or fail under these circumstances, and they will last you a lifetime.

The Nomad Design split ring pliers are the toughest, strongest and most reliable split ring pliers on the market today. They have undergone years of testing across the globe and you can be assured if you buy a Nomad pair of pliers, you will be receiving the best that’s available.

They won’t seize up or rust. The split ring nose will not bend sideways and distort when you try to use them for removing hooks from fish. The spring won’t fail, meaning your pliers will be open and ready to use every time you pick them up. They will open even the largest split rings.They will never rust.

They come in a durable pouch with a lanyard, the integrated cutting blades cut either mono or braid effortlessly and have been removed from the jaw area to avoid non-intended damage.


Casting & Jigging Gloves

We have designed the ultimate jigging and casting gloves without the ultimate price tag. Fed up with gloves that simply did not last and came apart at the seams, Damon and the Nomad Design team have made a range of gloves that are both comfortable, easy to cast with and will not fail.

The gloves feature:

  • A breathable mesh back, for extra comfort in hot weather
  • Super strong double stitched seams all around for ultimate durability
  • High quality leather for increased wear resistance
  • Reinforced leather on casting finger
  • Extra grip pads built into the palm
  • Super strong Velcro attachment

Available in sizes Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large, there is a sizing to fit every angler around the world

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