Nomad Design Lure Technology


Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet
The Pat. Pending Hydropseed Belly Eyelet has been hydrodynamically tested and designed designed to allow maximum trolling speed, and also provide the optimum hookup ratio when using single hooks in large trolling lures. The concealed towpoint allows the lure to be trolled much faster than a conventional lure with an exposed belly eyelet. The additional trolling speed and increased hookup rate make the DTX minnow with Hydrospeed technology a must have trolling lure for any bluewater application

Auto Tune Bib Trolling System
Pat. Pending Auto-tune Bib system allows the lure to self tune, and adjust to changes in the lure shape from fish hitting it, or other problems that often cause lures to need tuning in order to swim straight. The flexible and movable  tow-point means that the lure is always trolled from the perfect centre line of the lure, meaning perfect balance and straight swimming always. There is no longer a need to be tweaking the tow point and bending eyelets sideways and testing the lure to make it swim, just deploy and start catching fish!
Gorilla Through Wire
This through wire system has the wire bend around a set of extra plastic supports internally, making the wire less likely to separate from the lure body, and ensuring ultimate strength. The Through wire is also welded at both ends to ensure you never lose that big fish.
Matrix Metal Plate System
The ultimate in strength designed for big fish. The Matrix Metal Plate system features a unique design incorporating a stainless steel plate into the body mold of the lure. The plate is incorporated into the lure with a series of small holes at critical locations in the plate, allowing the molded plastic to weave through the metal plate and create the ultimate in strength. The metal plate means you will never lose a massive fish through lure failure, but the matrix system also means ultimate strength between the metal plate and molded body
High Density ABS Plastic
Normal plastic was simply not strong enough for our lures, so we designed a special formula of High Density ABS plastic, which is a white colour, and is ultimately stronger than any other plastic used for lure production. These lures feature a thicker wall construction, meaning ultimate strength and durability.
Diamond Armour Internal Structure
This is a special internal design process we have implemented for use with clear ABS plastic bodies, where we want colours that are see through, or where using the HD ABS plastic is not required. The internal diamond mesh grid pattern creates an internal framework to strengthen the body of the lure, making it far less likely to be crushed or cracked by large predators. The internal Diamond grid pattern ensure ultimate strength in all applications

High Density Foam System
This is our special system of injecting foam into the lure body, which creates extra strength in the lure body, but also means in the unlikely event of a huge fish puncturing the outer HD ABS plastic body, the lure will still function perfectly and still float and swim with the same great action it was designed with. In areas with mackerel, barracuda, cubera snapper or wahoo, this system means that lure failure is not going to happen

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